Devils win 4-1, school Flyers young players


Flyers need to up the intensity for the regular season

The New Jersey Devils scored 3 goals in the second to finish off the Flyers in a 4-1 victory at the Prudential Center.

Matt Read’s shorthanded goal in the 3rd was the only thing that stopped a shutout in goal after Cory Schneider had departed, replaced by Keith Kinkaid.

The Flyers played a fairly young team giving them the opportunity to shine. Unfortunately that backfired against a strong New Jersey team who seem to find a way to beat the Flyers each time they play.

With the regular season starting soon Philly will have to pick themselves up and look to get to the dirty areas and compete. The Devils outworked as well as outclassed the Flyers last night which is a familiar tale from matches gone by.


2 thoughts on “Devils win 4-1, school Flyers young players

  1. Although I believe you can’t put too much stock in preseason results, especially in split-squad contests and games where the majority of the lineup is AHL-caliber, there have been a few troubling trends that look similar to last season. First the turnovers that lead to breakaways. This has to be fixed for Wednesday. Also, the penchant for untimely penalties, especially Lauridsen, but he won’t be with the club anyway. And finally the slow starts/inability to put the puck in the net. Last season there were far too many times where the club didn’t show up for the 1st period. And the offense was anemic for atleast the first month.

    For this franchise to be successful they need each player to take care of their own responsibilities each and every game. The forwards have to play to their abilities. There’s too much high-level talent up front not to produce. And produce right away.

    The D must be vigilant in their positioning and not look for the two-line breakout pass on every possession (although this is a staple of Lavys system). I think Streit will certainly help the Flyers ability to bring the puck out of the defensive zone, a huge issue a season ago. Gustafsson must stop the turnovers at the blueline. Coburn must not allow forwards down low to gain position on him around the crease. And Mez must get back to the physicality he showed early on in his Flyers career. After that, you know what you’re getting from Schenn, Grossmann, and Timonen.

    Tonight is an important game, in my mind, as most of the starting lineup will dress. It’s not do or die, as it obviously doesn’t count, but I’d love to see some of those troubling trends become a non-issue. I do have faith in the talent on this squad and in Laviolette, but they must show some life early and often. Otherwise Flyers fans will be panicking before the season even starts.

    (Sorry for the rant)

    • Sorry I didn’t respond earlier, not been too well so catching up!

      There are still too many problems on the team retaining the puck. The Flyers may have outworked the Panthers but with respect against a better side they might not have been so fortunate.

      Coburn is doing my head in as usual. He needs to use his body more to clear the crease. On the goal the Panthers scored he was just standing around when he should be looking to take the body to prevent the rebound falling to an opposition player in the crease.

      The attack so far has been embarrassing. Claude without a point and he needs Jake on his line to find with a pass at speed. This would help the Flyers be less flat when trying to move the puck.

      Lots of issues to discuss but I will save those for another article!

      Thanks for your detailed analysis.

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