Mason and Emery will thrive together


Mason posted a .944 save percentage and 1.90 goals-against average last season for the Flyers

Steve Mason looks set to start against the New Jersey Devils tonight in net as the Flyers stick with their rotation policy.

Now some writers have been questioning the strength of the Flyers in net. Not an unreasonable topic to consider with the Flyers history of woes in net.

However this season I feel Flyers fans should be looking on with renewed optimism.

Speaking to CSNPHILLY.COM Mason responded to the questions around the Flyers net.

“People are making such a big deal out of it,” Mason said. “Razor [Emery] and I are both competitive guys, we both want to play, and only one can play at a time. Regardless of who’s in the net, we want to be supportive of one another and for the team.

“If Razor wins his next start, it’s great, it’s good for our team. If I win my next, it’s great. We’re not going to put any negative spin on it. It’s nice having two guys that are hungry to play.”

“Everybody’s entitled to their opinion,” he said. “I’m not sure where they’re having Razor and myself ranked, but if it’s a low position, it would be a great feeling when you get to prove them wrong.”

Mason certainly believes that both himself and Emery can do well for the Flyers. Philly needed to have a season where there is competition for the starting role. This has been lacking in years gone by and allowed too much media pressure on whoever might protect the net. Spreading the pressure out over two players will allow the Flyers to answer the question they hear every season.

Will the Flyers be vulnerable in net?

This season I can say, with confidence, no!


2 thoughts on “Mason and Emery will thrive together

  1. Personally, I’m pleased about not having to watch Bryz bungle routine saves anymore. So, even if Mason/Emery aren’t stellar, it would be tough for them not to be an upgrade. But, like yourself, I’m in the camp of those who believe the Flyers will be fine in net. After all, this is a club that hasn’t had a franchise netminder since Ron Hextall (in his prime) and they’re still an annual playoff participant (aside from last seasons debacle).

    I firmly believe the Flyers will be back this season.

    • I am also pleased not having to watch Bryz go through horrible form and not having the option to take him out of net.

      If the Flyers can get average play in net this season that will be an improvement on seasons gone by. They got to the Stanley Cup final using Boosh and Leighton so I can see Mason and Emery being a huge improvement on them.

      The bigger question mark for me is can we move the puck out of defense and establish an effective forecheck? This is essential to Lavi’s system and I believe will be the deal breaker this season.

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