Linus Omark one to watch for next season

The restricted free agent has re-signed with Edmonton for one year at $600,000. For a skilled forward this seems like a steal to me as he could of obviously made more money in Europe.

Omark obviously has the talent, but Oilers fans were frustrated with his consistency on the ice which ended in him leaving for pastures new in Europe.

After a year in Europe playing for Zug and totaling 69 points, Omark will be keen to prove that he can make it in the NHL.

His hunger to succeed and bags of ability is why Linus Omark will prove doubters wrong in Edmonton and find that consistency he was previously lacking.


2 thoughts on “Linus Omark one to watch for next season

  1. Just wanted to inform you that @RealLinusOmark is a fake account. How it ever got verified is a mystery, since the Oilers themselves have clearly stated that @Limpanomark is the one and only Linus Omark, and that is the account his team mates (past and present) follow. Also, @Limpanomark has called @RealLinusOmark out as a fake more than once.

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