Flyers re-sign Gus for 1 year at $1m



The Flyers have re-signed Erik Gustafsson for 1 year worth $1m, after an impressive outing at the World Championships.

The deal is one way with the Flyers expecting Gus to take a spot on the third line and prove his consistency this season. A paring with Nicklas Grossman would suit the puck moving quick skating that Gus brings to the Flyers. I hope he has worked on his shot as he has the ability to be a very good OFD.

Now the focus will change in Philly,  who will they move to make the team salary cap compliant? Either trade Meszaros away for very little return or will Coburn be moved as rumored?

I believe we will see Meszaros dumped so the Flyers can keep hold of Coburn to partner Streit who will compliment his play. This leaves of a top six below of:

Timonen – Schenn

Streit – Coburn

Gustafsson – Grossmann

Meszaros’ cap hit of $4m makes him too expensive to be a 7th defensman with Bourdon or Gervais taking that spot.


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