Vinny to Philly adds forward leadership


The Flyers have signed former number 1 overall pick (1998) Vinny Lecavalier to a 5 year-deal worth 22.5 million.

Vinny is great at faceoffs and will help the younger guys with this side of their game. Although this deal looks expensive it is cheaper than keeping Briere and Vinny’s contribution to the team will no doubt be more effective. With Philly drafting D this season this is a smart move to help the younger core develop, something the forwards have been lacking since losing Jaromir Jagr.

This move triggers the start of a series of trades Philly need to complete their roster for next season. The Flyers still need another goalie and may have to move some pieces around in order to get under the cap. Tim Thomas anyone?

Another interesting development is that this shows that the Flyers see B. Schenn as a left winger rather than center. The movement off Jeff “high and wide” Carter to wing at LA has worked wonders and I feel Schenn can do the same. With Sean then focusing on his role as a shutdown center on the third line, he can develop his game without the pressure of having to add points now which comes with the second line, something Vinny can handle.


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