Tim Thomas hopefully sought by Homer, would be a great fit

Completely agree with the article, the only alarm bells that are ringing is will Tim Thomas want to sign?

I can see this being a very exciting off season for the Flyers.

Broad Street Sports

Tim Thomas

There has been a lot of speculation regarding former Bruins Goaltender Tim Thomas, who looks likely to make his return to the NHL next season after a hiatus to focus on personal issues. Most of this speculation says he is a good fit, I think he is a great fit. Between winning the cup, his Vezina, the Conn Smythe and everything else he has done, he sure seems like one hell of a good choice.

Yes, he’s old at 39 and yes, he took a year off, but with that sniveling prick Bettman screwing up last season for everything, sitting out last year in a shortened season probably didn’t hurt him too bad. The market for him will be soft, given his age, the year off, and the fact that most teams aren’t looking for goalies and those who are don’t seem likely to pay an ex All-Star who isn’t…

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